Hormone Yoga Therapy


Hormone Yoga Therapy (HYT) is a natural and holistic method created by a Brazilian psychologist and Yoga therapist, Dinah Rodrigues (92). HYT is a dynamic form of Yoga therapy, which objective is to reactivate in a natural way the hormone production of the endocrine glands. HYT combines elements of classical Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and Tibetan techniques circulation of energy. HYT routine is created for Women, Men, and Diabetes.

HYT consists a special series of dynamic Yoga asanas (exercises which work not only with the pelvis, but generally act on the musculoskeletal system) to reactivate hormone production and, as a consequence, it eliminates most symptoms of hormonal imbalance and stress. Asanas are accompanied by intense pranayama (breathing techniques Bhastrika which is a dynamic, strong abdominal breath massaging the abdominal organs), Tibetan energy technique (a mental technique to move and direct the energy, to activate endocrine glands and supports the overall effect of exercise), concentration, visualization and relaxation (Yoga Nidra). Regular practice is helping to harmonize the hormonal system and consequently eliminating the symptoms of low hormone levels. 

The results come according to how often you do the practice. Is recommended to practice every day, minimum 3-4 per week. HYT exercises are simple and suitable for everyone. No previous Yoga experiences are needed. Daily practice takes approx. 30 minutes.

HYT generally supports fertility, helps strengthen the immune system and rejuvenate the body. HYT is also preventing diseases caused by low hormone levels such as osteoporosis, increased predisposition, and cardiovascular diseases. 

HYT for WOMEN reactivates the hormone production of the endocrine glands: ovaries, thyroid, hypophysis, and adrenals. HYT helps women with the symptoms of low hormones, with a difficulty to get pregnant, polycystic ovaries, menstrual disorders, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), ovarian cysts and premature menopause. HYT is also effective for all types of hormonal disorders in middle-aged women, eliminating or alleviating the unpleasant symptoms of the menopause, such as hot flashes, insomnia, night sweats, emotional instability, depression, headaches, difficulty concentrating, remembering, decreased libido, etc.

HYT for MEN is also called Hormone Yoga against stress and in andropause. Regular practicing reactivates the hormone production of the endocrine glands: testis, thyroid, hypophysis and adrenal and helps to relieve the stress, hypotension of the thyroid, migraines, increase libido, prevents prostate problems, anxiety, and depression and more. 

HYT for DIABETES helps in the treatment of diabetes type 1 and type 2, and has a beneficial effect on the liver (when higher alcohol or medicaments consumption), pancreas and spleen. Regular practicing also acts on the sexual glands (increased libido, fertility), thyroid and adrenals. 

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Goals of HYT                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Hormone Yoga Therapy works on the organism as a whole, acting on several levels:

  • Physical level – turning the muscles more strong, correcting the posture, increasing the flexibility and the lightness of movements, modeling the body, helping to fix calcium in the bones
  • Physiological level – reactivating the hormone production and consequently eliminating the menopause symptoms, preventing the illnesses caused by low hormones and harmonizing the work of the organism as a whole.
  • Psychic level – preventing stress, depression, insomnia and other problems related to menopause
  • Energetic level – activating the individual energy (prana), improving its absorption and distribution by the chakras. It brings more vitality and wellbeing.



Dinah Rodrigues (creator of HYT)