HY Workshops

The workshops/courses of Hormone Yoga for Women, for Men and for Diabetes

25. April 2020  MEN (Munich)

4. – 25. May 2020 (COURSE  – 4x Monday)  WOMEN (Munich)

9. May 2020  WOMEN (Munich)

10. May 2020  DIABETES (Munich)


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INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS of Hormone Yoga for Women, Men or Diabetes are available at any time will suits you (in Munich and also in Prague). Classes are held in English or Czech.

GIFT VOUCHER for individual sessions (workshop/course) of Hormone Yoga Therapy for Women, Men or Diabetes is also available. Please contact via Email: hormonyoga.muc@gmail.de



What will be the schedule of  Hormone Yoga Therapy (HYT) workshop/course?*

During the workshop/course you will learn breathing techniques, warm up exercises and daily series exercises which you will have to practice at home, the routine takes about 30 minutes. You will also learn exercises against stress and Yoga-Nidra to activates endocrine glands and harmonizes energy and chakras.

The workshop/course is designed for women or men of all ages who are trying to solve problems related to hormonal imbalance. The HYT exercises are simple and suitable for everyone. No previous yoga experiences is needed.

When is appropriate to exercise HYT and when needed medical consultation please contact me. 

*Completing the workshop does not justify to teach the Hormone Yoga Therapy method