Yoga classes

All classes are held in English.

Private classes are available at any time. Please contact me.

Keep in your mind:

  • practice on an empty stomach (4 hours after heavy food, 2 hours after light food, 15 minutes after liquids)
  • yoga is a non-competitive, personal and enjoyable activity that can produce truly amazing result
  • respect your own body limit (break posture whenever it becomes uncomfortable, do not over-hold any posture)
  • everything you do, perform consciously and with a fluent breath
  • breath through the nose in all positions (except Shavasana – a relaxation posture)
  • do not over-hold the breath or over-inhale
  • practice barefoot and in a light, comfortable clothing
  • come 10 min. before the class starts



Open classes – all levels welcome


day time where
Tuesday –     Yoga & Core

– combining the strengthening of the core with the expansion of the entire body.

The class is perfect blend to get the abdomen and back muscles stronger and at the same time to give the body length and mobility.

13:00 – 14:00 Studio.12


Friday –     Barre -Yoga

– muscles and ligaments are stretched and strengthen, improving the mobility of the spine and joins.

The class is nice mix of yoga and barre workout, strengthen the muscle corset while giving the body lenght and flexibility.

17:30 – 18:30 Studio.12


Private classes can help you to deepen your practice by exploring the fundamentals of Yoga, particular breathing techniques, alignment adjustments and modifications for injuries or health conditions. The individual asanas can be optimally adapted to your own physical needs.

Classes can be given at your home, or Studio 12 (U4 Prinzregentenplatz)

For private classes please contact me.



Studio 12:  25,- € / 60 min.

Private classes:   50-95,- € / 60 min.*



* according to travel distance/ rental price of the location