About me

My name is Radka – I am a certified Yoga teacher by Yoga Alliance and certified Hormone Yoga Therapist by Dinah Rodrigues. I’ve got more then 500 hours of experience of qualified lessons and workshops in Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin Yoga and Hormone Yoga. 

My Yoga classes are energetic, focusing on the rhythm of the breath and on a proper body alignment. Linking breath and movement through a sequence of sun salutations and postures (asanas). The continuous flow deepens breathing, stimulates the body energy and increases endurance. Classes also incorporate breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditation.

Regular practice of Yoga increases the lung capacity, flexibility, strength, ability to handle stress, and achieve an overall sense of well being. The practice also decreases problems with breathing, digestion and blood pressure. It eliminates stress and tension, helps to balance emotions, sharpen the intellect and brings balance and harmony to your mind.

Last four years is the part of my regular practice also Hormone Yoga to bring the hormones back into the balance natural way. Hormone yoga therapy has special exercises to reactivate hormone production of endocrine glands and, as a consequence, it eliminates most symptoms of hormonal imbalance.




„ Movement is the engine which propels me through the different stages of my life. Come to enjoy the joy of movement and to share the energy with me!”

Already at the time when I was born everyone around me was able to see my love for movement. When I was still in a preschooler age I started to do gymnastic for more than decade. From the “sportive stage” I jumped into the “stage of art” and followed my professional dancing and art career for another one and a half decade until the beginning of the “stage of grace” which started opening its doors during my studies in Sydney, at the Australian Academy of Sport and Fitness in 2007 where I stood on the yoga mat for the first time in my life and became absolutely fascinated by the grace of movement and discovered the passion into Yoga.

Later on I decided to learn more about the physical, mental and spiritual part of this art, science and philosophy of life and moved to Thailand where I very intensively (daily) studied Yoga for many month and also completed the Certificate of Hatha Yoga & Meditation Teacher (RYS 200 with Yoga Alliance) and the Certificate of Reiki Level 1.

After studying and teaching Yoga in Thailand I relocated to Munich to continue my teachings. I believes that Yoga is suitable for anyone who has an interest in it, regardless of age, body flexibility and physical condition.

Today Yoga is not only an exercise for me. It opens my eyes, fills my heart with joy and strengthens my body at all levels. Yoga allows me to get to know myself, to be aware of my body and my soul and it teaches me patience, humility and listening.”